Credit Card Merchant Accounts for Wedding Professionals! is pleased to offer incredibly competitive credit card processing accounts for all paid members.

As an individual company, getting the incredibly low rates that are available today would be impossible because of the lack of volume. But, because is here to help your business, we've negotiated a group processing rate with one of the best and most reliable merchant account providers on the market today, CDGcommerce!

Save hundreds of dollars over other companies, and gain many (usually costly) features by using the merchant accounts! There are no hidden fees, no gimmicks - simply maintain a paid level status with to retain these incredibly low rates!

Why use for your Credit Card Processing?

  • $10/Month Statement Fee
  • 0.3% ABOVE INTERCHANGE RATE (Interchange is the cost directly from Visa and Mastercard)
  • $0.15 Per Transaction
  • $0.00 Application Fee
  • $0.00 Monthly Minimum
  • $0.00 Annual Fee
  • $0.00 Early Termination Fee - Cancel ANYTIME!!
  • FREE Online Payment Gateway / Virtual Terminal
  • Own a physical terminal? No problem! It can be reprogramed to get you these group rates!*
  • Toll-Free Processing (Easily call a toll-free number from virtually anywhere to process a credit card - only $0.10 per minute)
  • FREE Mobile Web Processing (Process a credit card from any smartphone)
  • Funds Automatically transferred to your Checking Account typically within 2-3 business days!
  • Your Business Name shows on the customers credit card statement!
  • Total Integration with Gigbuilder V4 (Credit Cards Processed instantly within Gigbuilder)
  • Book MORE gigs by being able to take a credit card number for a deposit immediately over the phone!
  • is using the same company and rates - We're saving thousands in fees!!
  • If you don't do one transaction in a month - your cost is the $10 statement fee - THAT'S IT!!

Already Process Credit Cards Elsewhere??

Reading a statement can be a confusing, daunting, and overwhelming task trying to figure out exactly what fees you're paying, and what your cost actually is! Let the professionals in the business handle it for you! Fax your latest (or biggest month's) statement to our dedicated statement review/comparison team at (757) 282-2453, and we'll do an exact comparison and let you know if you'd save money on our plan, and how much!

About CDGcommerce

Established in 1998, CDGcommerce has quickly become a prominent leader in online credit card processing for merchants across the U.S. As an award-winning merchant provider and online credit card transaction processor, CDGcommerce has a reputation for providing world class Internet, retail and wireless payment processing services and develops many pioneering technologies to help merchants successfully reduce the risks of online credit card processing and defend against fraud and chargebacks.

For more information about CDGcommerce, visit

Apply Online Today!

Simply LOGIN, then under the " Merchant Accounts" - click the 'start application process'.

* Most termianls can be reprogrammed, but there are chances that your terminal is incompatible. We apologize for the inconvienence if this is the case.