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Flipside Entertainment
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When it comes to Disc Jockey entertainment, Flipside Entertainment truly stands alone as the only choice that operates on a different level. Our reputation as an extremely professional company has been earned through years of experience. Having performed for celebrities such as Kid Rock, Pamela Anderson, Bob Seger, and Brett Hull, when you want something that stands out from the crowd, Flipside Entertainment is it! We offer features for every wedding that no one else will even take the time to produce. We can design not only the introduction for your wedding reception but also the entire event to exceed anything you have ever dreamed of. No matter what theme you decide we will produce a computer programmed sound and light show that will not only entertain your guests but also impress them! We offer personal consultations at your location and at a time of your convenience so you can meet your disc jockey well in advance of your big day. We do this so we can establish a personal relationship with you before your event ever takes place! Simply put, we would rather be working for a friend than a complete stranger we just met! Our services include several options such as photo slide shows, video dance, "live" cameras and several others. All of our contracts are unlimited time contracts and include dinner music, cordless microphones (so the toasts for your event are right beside you and not half way across the room, this makes for great pictures!), and a sound and light show that is totally designed to your taste. Since our set ups are completely digital, including all lighting and video, this means we actually program them and have the option to design them as you wish. We can make your event so elegant and romantic that we can literally have your guests riding through the emotions with you! From our "Love Story" feature to those special dances that are very personal to you, we can design an entire presentation so moving that you and your guests will actually feel it! Just witness the testimonials on our website and you will see that we provide several services that the others simply don't even think about. Keep in mind, our goal is not how fast we can get into your event and set up nor how fast we can tear down at the end of the night. Our goal is to actually provide an atmosphere and an experience you can actually see and feel! What we won't do is charge for any travel distances, drink alcohol, take breaks of any kind, use foul language, add in additional charges, play inappropriate music, or use stolen music downloaded from the internet. We will never put your event at risk from any outside source! Flipside Entertainment disc jockeys are formally trained and regularly attend training conventions and seminars throughout the country. Call us toll free and ask how we can make your event the absolute best you have ever been a part of!

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