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Cryptic essay questions. Soporific lectures. Grueling finals. Enough already. You've fought for your right to party. It's time to throw a bash that they'll talk about at your 20-year reunion. Several hundred students are counting on you, and you're not going to let them down. We'll make sure of it. It's all about style. Your party just has to have that certain...something. Our most popular party is when we turn your event into an evening like a LA's trendiest clubs with an outrageous light show and blazing dance tracks. Not a good enough idea to make your date party or dance unforgettable? We've got a million ideas - all you need is one or two that'll work for your event. It'll be fun and everyone will remember it. No doubt. In fact, we have more than 50,000 choices in our collection, and each one is guaranteed to quicken your pulse when you hear it through our 1300-watt digital sound system. Variety is the key to making so many people happy, so there's no problem if your friends want to hear Usher, Madonna and Outkast all in the same night. I will artfully blend the different genres into a logical, danceable beatmixed sequence. You decide. I'll fix it in the mix. We specialize in LIGHT SHOWS, basically a Night Club on Wheels. From a basic package of multi-colored spotlights that pulsate to the beat of the music, to a complex computerized system complete with synchronized rows of laser beams that sweep your dance floor with a dazzling array of special effects, we'll custom-design a light show that'll create the look you want. A simple ballroom atmosphere awash in pleasing hues, or a high-end nightclub environment teeming with infinite brilliant colors. Or somewhere in-between. You choose. SOON WE WILL BE OFFERING VIDEO MIXING. ENJOY YOUR FAVORITE MUSIC VIDEOS BLENDED AND MIXED ON A 25 FOOT VIDEO SCREEN. We have played parties with 10 people and I have played festivals with over 10,000 people. We will play any party and cater to your every needs. We accept all major credit card and paypal.

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