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Brett Clark was practically born with a camera in her hand. Like many women who have an innate love for the art and science of photography, her passion drew her to the field of photojournalism. More and more, the trend in modern weddings is to employ a photojournalist to take care of the visual memories of the most important day of your life. And deciding to go with someone with a journalistic background is almost a guarantee that your pictures will be more lavish and outstanding. Photojournalists, such as Brett Clark, who earned a degree from the University of Georgia’s renowned Grady School of Journalism, are better equipped to look at a particular instant in a wedding ceremony, and quickly decide upon the best technical way to capture the moment. Brett spends every day on the job shooting events that widely vary in terms of content, while often not being afforded very much time to make the picture. News does not wait on a photographer, so women such as Brett owe their success in the field to quick effectiveness with the camera. But not all of the work she does is fast shooting. The news industry also calls for many portrait-style photos, which is yet another reason why a bride-to-be can’t go wrong with a photojournalist. While you want every moment of your big day to be captured as well as possible, you also want good, high-quality portraits of the wedding party and the families. Women like Brett get practice almost every single day with this style of still photography, too. When it’s all said and done, you only have one chance to make your wedding as special as possible. As more and more modern women are learning all the time, accomplishing this is best guaranteed through a photojournalist. Every wedding, much like every day in the news business, is different, so wouldn’t you rather entrust your special day to someone who knows how to utilize these differences and turn them into great, everlasting memories?

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