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Keith Ketchum was referred to my husband and I through my co-worker who had attended High School with him in Wilmington, NC. My husband and I were on a tight budget and yet our photographer was "our thing" that we were not willing to cut QUALITY in, but needed to be mindful of cost - VERY hard to do in wedding planning, especially with photographers. From the moment that we spoke with Keith, all of us (the groom's mother, and my husband and I) were just charmed and completely settled that "this was our man" for the job; after looking at our wedding pictures we couldn't be happier with our choice and would recommend him to anyone, any day.

Keith held to every appointment, returned phone call, price quote,...everything that was promised to us when we first decided to go with him as our photographer. Our photos were given to us within a week's time from the wedding date, on disc and edited beautifully and artistically. Not only was he our photographer, but he was at-hand and extremely helpful throughout the day of/the reception in keeping up with "what to do next" (garter toss, etc). 
Keith was amazing (even during our engagement photoshoot where we were obviously posing FOR him/his camera) at being there "without being there" for so many of the pre-wedding and wedding events - especially when all the girls and I were getting ready the day of the wedding; he was helpful, and relaxed, and took care to do what he needed to do without getting in the way or causing any added stress. If anything, he helped negate much of the wedding-day stress! 
Keith, any time we had something scheduled with him, said to us "I'm let me know whenever you need me there...if you're not sure, I'll have my phone on and I"ll just be on-call for you that whole day". And he was absolutely true to his word.
My husband and I are so "fussy" about our photos for any event, and I can say that Keith truly caught the "us" in our wedding day in each and every picture. He has a touch to his photography that captures the feeling and personality of the bride and groom (not the feeling/style HE felt while taking them) and capturing the atmosphere of the event, and he turns what may have just been photographs, into memories that you know are yours, and yours alone.
What can I say...I couldn't have chosen anyone any better; he's fairly new to the game, and really VERY fairly priced, but you would never know it by the result of his photography or his professional, friendly manner and his absolute dedication to your event. I would suggest Keith 110% to anyone for any occasion he's willing to shoot!

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