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Contact: Eric Thornton

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Kimric Photography
Company Description

Kimric Photography is a husband and wife team based out of Bunker Hill, West Virginia. We wanted to start a company together that inspires us, as well as, inspires others. But, we also wanted a company that would have a result to last forever. As with most families, both of our families enjoy going through old photographs and reminiscing over moments, milestones, and ancestors. We love seeing the history, special moments, and beauty of life captured in a simple picture. It's those photographs that get handed down from generation to generation to keep our ancestors alive and guide future generations. A picture can tell various story lines. When you look at a photograph; does it say romantic, whimsical, new beginning, remembrance, funny, or serene? What story do you want your photographs to tell? This is what inspires us to photograph moments in peoples lives.

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  • Hagerstown-martinsburg, Md-wv Metropolitan

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