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A few years ago, OK, it was 15 years ago, I helped a friend going through bankruptcy out by purchasing some camera equipment. He needed money, and I needed a new hobby. I made some images that were very very good. I made some that were..., well, not very good. But I really enjoyed finding what made the good good, and the bad not so good. My brother in law married in 1993, and spent what I *thought* was a HUGE amount of money on his photography. I saw some very very good images, and some not really outstanding images in his album, and thought to myself, "I could do that". Right. I sought out the photographer from Brant's wedding the next year and told him I was thinking of pursuing photography as at least a sideline business. He gave some great advice about joining the Georgia Professional Photographer's Association, and I did that. That was 1994. In the time since I have attended 10 years of the Georgia school in Clarkesville, several conventions of the GPPA, as well as the Professional Photographers of America, and the SouthEastern PPA, earning a dozen competition print merits along the way. I have maintained membership in those and other fine organizations that promote the education of photographers.

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